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unyoke sentence in Hindi

"unyoke" meaning in Hindiunyoke in a sentence
  • The authorities had allotted places where large teams of oxen could be unyoked and graze which made this possible.
  • They asked Moses for more details, and he informed them that it was unyoked, and did not plow the soil nor did it water the tilth.
  • Opponents of same-sex marriage, he wrote, worry " that unyoking marriage from its traditional male-female definition will destroy or severely weaken it.
  • Then the cattle were unyoked and presented with seven different foods and drinks, each with a different meaning in predicting the future _ determined by what the cows consume.
  • He unyokes his steeds, brings the wanderer to rest; at his command night comes; the weaver rolls up her web and the skilful man lays down his unfinished work.
  • After the hearse set out from the church the horses were unyoked, and it was pulled by students to the cemetery of Montparnasse, the cortege being followed by a sympathetic crowd of some 20, 000 people.
  • "I know you all, and will a while uphold / Th'unyoked humour of your idleness . / Yet herein will I imitate the sun . . . " ( 1.2 . 195-217 ).
  • According to the Harran stele of Nabonidus ( 555 539 BC ), his reign witnessed a sacrilegious reform of the cult of Iatar ( " bltu aa Uruk ",  lady of Uruk ), when the people of Uruk replaced her statue with an unsuitable one, unyoking its team of lions and removing its shrine.

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