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unwrought sentence in Hindi

"unwrought" meaning in Hindiunwrought in a sentence
  • I've raised my monument, unwrought by human skill;
  • Thus, if the plain unwrought substance had not been blighted, how would there be any sacrificial goblets?
  • That the unwrought substance was blighted in order to fashion implements  this was the crime of the artisan.
  • However, exports of unwrought aluminum jumped 30 percent to NZ $ 716.8 million and wood pulp exports rose 33.8 percent to NZ $ 536.1 million.
  • Offsetting these declines, wood pulp exports surged 23 percent to NZ $ 529.6 million and unwrought aluminum exports rose 12.7 percent to NZ $ 683.7 million.
  • Offsetting these declines, wood pulp exports rose 27.5 percent to NZ $ 524.4 million and unwrought aluminum exports rose 19.3 percent to NZ $ 695.7 million.
  • Here was a chance to say, " What hath God unwrought, " but Wingender, probably flustered to discover himself talking to a newspaper reporter, could only produce that dubious old line about the unstoppability of progress.
  • The study concludes that while China may remain a net exporter of unwrought aluminum for the next one or two years, the country will likely revert to a balanced position _ using as much as it produces _ by mid-decade.
  • "' Liviu Mocan "'( born 1955 ) is a Romanian contemporary Christian sculptor, poet and visionary, whose works, which blend creative sophistication and unwrought contours, capture the momentum where the divine intersects with the mortal, revealing eternal truths and principles.
  • In 1455 London silkwomen complained that the Lombards were importing " ribbands and chains, falsely and deceitfully wrought, all manner girdles and other things concerning the said mistery and occupation, in no manner wise bringing in any good silk unwrought as they were wont to bring heretofore ".
  • In 1566 an act that prohibited the export of " " unwrought or unfinished cloths " " led to the demise of the industry in Sussex, and by the beginning of the 18th century it had virtually collapsed; Daniel Defoe commented, in 1724, that the " " . . whole counties of Kent, Sussex, Surrey and Hampshire, are not employ'd in any considerable Woolen Manufacture; " ".
  • "But however, the account of Poseidonius is more plausible : for he says that the treasure that was found in Tolosa amounted to about fifteen thousand talents ( part of it in sacred lakes ), unwrought, that is, merely gold and silver bullion; whereas the temple at Delphi was in those times already empty of such treasure, because it had been robbed at the time of the sacred war by the Phocians; but even if something was left, it was divided by many among themselves; neither is it reasonable to suppose that they reached their homeland in safety, since they fared wretchedly after their retreat from Delphi and, because of their dissensions, were scattered, some in one direction, others in another.
  • Teas from any other place, or in any other ships or vessel, bohea, per pound, fifteen cents; souchong and other black teas, per pound, twenty-seven cents; hyson, per pound, fifty cents; other green teas, per pound, thirty cents; coffee, per pound, four cents; cocoa, per pound, one cent; loaf sugar, per pound, five cents; brown sugar, per pound, one and a half cent; other sugar, per pound, two and a half cents; candles of tallow, per pound, two cents; candles of wax or spermaceti, per pound, six cents; cheese, per pound, four cents; soap, per pound, two cents; pepper per pound, six cents; pimento, per pound, four cents; manufactured tobacco, per pound, six cents; snuff, per pound, ten cents; indigo, per pound, twenty-five cents; cotton, per pound, three cents; nails and spikes, per pound, one cent; bar and other lead, per pound, one cent; steel unwrought, per one hundred and twelve pounds, seventy-five cents; hemp, per one hundred and twelve pounds, fifty-four cents; cables, per one hundred and twelve pounds, one hundred cents; untarred cordage and yarn, per one hundred and twelve pounds, one hundred and fifty cents; twine and pack thread, per one hundred and twelve pounds, three hundred cents; salt, per bushel, twelve cents; malt, per bushel, ten cents; coal, per bushel, three cents; boots, per pair, fifty cents; shoes, slippers and goloshoes, made of leather, per pair, seven cents; shoes and slippers, made of silk or stuff, per pair, ten cents; wool and cotton cards, per dozen, fifty cents; playing cards, per pack, ten cents; all China ware, looking glasses, window and other glass, and all manufactures of glass ( black quart bottles excepted ) twelve and a half per centum ad valorem; marble, slate, and other stones, bricks, tiles, tables, mortars and other utensils of marble or slate, and generally all stone and earthen ware, blank books, writing paper, and wrapping paper, paper hangings, pasteboards, parchment and vellum, pictures and prints, painter's colors, including lampblack, except those commonly used in dyeing, gold, silver, and plated ware, gold and silver lace, jewellery and paste work, clocks and watches, shoe and knee buckles, grocery, ( except the articles before enumerated ) namely, cinnamon, cloves, mace, nutmegs, ginger, anniseed, currants, dates, figs, plums, prunes, raisins, sugar candy, oranges, lemons, limes, and generally all fruits and comfits, olives, capers, and pickles of every sort, oil, gunpowder, mustard in flour, ten per centum ad valorem; cabinet wares, buttons, saddles, gloves of leather, hats of beaver, felt, wool, or a mixture of any of them, military ready made, castings of iron, and slit and rolled iron, leather tanned or tawed, and all manufactures of which leather is the chief value, except such as herein otherwise rated, canes, walking sticks and whips, clothing ready made, brushes, anchors, all wares of tin, pewter, or copper, all or any of them, medicinal drugs, except those commonly used in dyeing, carpets and carpeting, all velvets, velverets, satins, and other wrought silks, cumbrics, muslins, muslincts, lawns, laces, gauzes, chintzes, and colored calicoes, and nankeens, seven and a half per centum ad valorem.

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