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English-Hindi > uzbeg

uzbeg meaning in Hindi

uzbeg sentence in Hindi
1.At first Uzbeg did not want to empower Moscow.

2.Pope John XXII requested Uzbeg to restore Roman Catholic churches destroyed in the region.

3.However borrowing the Uzbeg Soviet in Samarkand.

4.Backed by Uzbeg, Basarab I of Wallachia declared an independent state from the Hungarian crown in 1330.

5.She also married with Abbas Sultan Uzbeg, just before Humayun set out on his expedition for Balkh.

6.After spending three years at Uzbeg's court, Yury returned with an army of Mongols and Mordvins.

7.In 1326 Uzbeg reopened friendly relations with the Empire of the Great Khan and began to send tributes thereafter.

8.In 1562, Akbar sent another army led by Abdullah Khan, an Uzbeg which finally defeated Baz Bahadur.

9.The first version of the orient origin of the Cap ( Uzbeg Khan ) was arisen by George Vernadsky.

10.This revolt coincided with an invasion by Uzbeg Khan, forcing the Ilkhanids to defend against two attacks simultaneously.

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