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uzbeg sentence in Hindi

"uzbeg" meaning in Hindi
  • At first Uzbeg did not want to empower Moscow.
  • Pope John XXII requested Uzbeg to restore Roman Catholic churches destroyed in the region.
  • However borrowing the Uzbeg Soviet in Samarkand.
  • Backed by Uzbeg, Basarab I of Wallachia declared an independent state from the Hungarian crown in 1330.
  • She also married with Abbas Sultan Uzbeg, just before Humayun set out on his expedition for Balkh.
  • After spending three years at Uzbeg's court, Yury returned with an army of Mongols and Mordvins.
  • In 1326 Uzbeg reopened friendly relations with the Empire of the Great Khan and began to send tributes thereafter.
  • In 1562, Akbar sent another army led by Abdullah Khan, an Uzbeg which finally defeated Baz Bahadur.
  • The first version of the orient origin of the Cap ( Uzbeg Khan ) was arisen by George Vernadsky.
  • This revolt coincided with an invasion by Uzbeg Khan, forcing the Ilkhanids to defend against two attacks simultaneously.
  • Uzbeg Khan, at least for a time, forgave his old enemy and sent him back to Tver.
  • Despite Russian efforts at animist or shamanist beliefs until Uzbeg Khan ( 1312 41 ) adopted Islam as a state religion.
  • In 1562, Akbar sent another army, led by Abdullah Khan, an Uzbeg, which finally defeated Baz Bahadur.
  • Mikhail's rivals suggested to Uzbeg Khan that he had poisoned the Khan's sister and revolted against his rule.
  • In 1327, the Baskaki Shevkal, cousin of Uzbeg, arrived in Tver from the Horde, with a large retinue.
  • A decree, issued probably by Mengu-Timur, allowing the Franciscans to proselytize, was renewed by Uzbeg in 1314.
  • In 1315 Yury went to the Golden Horde and, after spending two years there, constructed an alliance with Uzbeg Khan.
  • There are more Yasavi order, Uzbeg promoted Islam amongst the Golden Horde and fostered Muslim missionary work to expand across Central Asia.
  • However, the Mongol rulers Ghazan of Ilkhanate and Uzbeg of Golden Horde converted to Islam in 1295 AD and 1313 AD respectively.
  • He had sent a letter of thanks to the Muslim ruler Uzbeg Khan, who was very tolerant of Christians and treated Christians kindly.
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