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vacation pay sentence in Hindi

"vacation pay" meaning in Hindivacation pay in a sentence
  • It should include information on health benefits, severance, retirement and vacation pay.
  • The negotiations should also include Christmas bonuses and vacation pay, Stumpe said.
  • All are full-time workers who receive full medical coverage, sick and vacation pay.
  • During his incarceration, Davis has been receiving vacation pay, McCarron said.
  • There was no vacation pay, no sick leave, no disability compensation.
  • Vacation pay is equivalent to a month off; before, it was a week.
  • Does the company provide benefits such as vacation pay and insurance?
  • Q . Can I collect vacation pay before I leave?
  • But they almost always lack health insurance, vacation pay, sick pay and other benefits.
  • Q : What are the changes in deducting vacation pay or other employee benefits?
  • _Try to get any severance package in writing before you debate the vacation pay.
  • Currently, workers receive their annual vacation pay in a lump sum on Feb . 20.
  • The company now gives them union benefits such as a pension, health insurance and vacation pay.
  • The fund would be used to cover severances, vacation pay and other items owed to workers.
  • Evans surrendered $ 7, 000 in back vacation pay; the Journal paid the balance to Zuckerman.
  • Reynolds said the company owes her about $ 9, 000 in wages and unused vacation pay.
  • This state treats accrued vacation pay as wages.
  • Some, such as holiday pay, vacation pay, etc ., are usually paid for by the firm.
  • The two sides also have to bridge gaps on issues such as work rules and vacation pay.
  • Most or all of the state employees received their furloughed vacation pay _ except the state police.
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