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vacationing sentence in Hindi

"vacationing" meaning in Hindi
  • What would I think if I were vacationing in my town?
  • Bush said Monday from Lake Tahoe, where he is vacationing.
  • Drinkwater is vacationing in London, apparently unaware of the controversy.
  • _A herd of donkeys attacked a woman vacationing in Greece.
  • For some escapees, vacationing seems a skill that needs practice.
  • Robinson said Friday night from South Carolina where he is vacationing.
  • Vacationing children haul their weary parents toward the small movie theater.
  • While still strong, gasoline demand from vacationing motorists is slowing.
  • While vacationing in France, Long decided to seek outside help.
  • Waxdeck found himself recognized on the street when vacationing in Europe.
  • An American woman vacationing in Mexico was having a Christmas party.
  • Most people visit a few parks or gardens while vacationing abroad.
  • I once saw a movie that had two couples vacationing together.
  • I enjoy being with my daughter, vacationing with my wife.
  • Lowell Wiley, a retired aerospace engineer vacationing in Washington from his
  • This is one of the upsides to vacationing with another family.
  • Kenagy spent 17 years vacationing on the old St . Simons.
  • She would never think of vacationing without her husband, Harry.
  • Her grandparents, Lynn and Pat Campbell are vacationing in Germany.
  • Roads were blocked, leaving vacationing Israelis at other hotels trapped.
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