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English-Hindi > vaccinates

vaccinates meaning in Hindi

vaccinates sentence in Hindi
• चेचक आदि का टीका लगाना
• टीका लगाना
1.Adams asked if she'd had Sandie vaccinated for rabies.

2.The one incontestable truth is the necessity of vaccinating children fully.

3.They round up, brand, vaccinate and separate the cattle.

4.__ Pins and needles : Be sure to get vaccinated.

5.None of these kids has ever been vaccinated against any disease,

6.Their success depends on how many employees choose to be vaccinated.

7.During her visit, McKinney saw children being vaccinated against polio.

8.You can immunize more people than you're actually vaccinating.

9.In addition, all children must be vaccinated against infectious diseases.

10.The rest will be bathed, wormed, vaccinated and neutered.

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