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English-Hindi > vaccinia virus

vaccinia virus meaning in Hindi

vaccinia virus sentence in Hindi

वैक्सीनिया वाइरस
vaccinia    चेचक वैक्सीनिया
virus    विषाणु वाइरस छूत
1.Unquestionably useful in the field of public health is the vaccinia virus.

2.These vaccines are DNA vaccines and a modified vaccinia virus Ankara vaccine.

3.Structurally BPXV looks like other OPVs and especially Vaccinia Virus ( VACV ).

4.Vaccines containing vaccinia viruses were used effectively in the campaign to eradicate smallpox.

5.The blood samples were exposed to vaccinia virus, a relative of the smallpox virus.

6.Growing the vaccinia virus is only the first step in a long manufacturing process.

7.Later, the related vaccinia virus was used for the purpose.

8.Today's smallpox vaccine, called Dryvax, is made from live vaccinia virus, a relative of smallpox.

9.For example, vaccinia virus is used to prevent smallpox, which is caused by variola virus.

10.Thus, the vaccinia virus avoids the immune system.

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