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English-Hindi > vaccinias

vaccinias meaning in Hindi

vaccinias sentence in Hindi
1.Later, the related vaccinia virus was used for the purpose.

2.Unquestionably useful in the field of public health is the vaccinia virus.

3.Instead, scientists will grow the vaccinia on cells in test tubes.

4.The vaccine contains a virus called vaccinia, not smallpox.

5.There is no cure for progressive vaccinia, Neff said.

6.Vaccinia virus is most closely related to CPV-GRI-90.

7.Vaccinia contains three classes of genes : early, intermediate and late.

8.These vaccines are DNA vaccines and a modified vaccinia virus Ankara vaccine.

9.The vaccinia seed virus to make more smallpox vaccine will also be kept.

10.He developed progressive vaccinia and AIDS, and died.

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