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English-Hindi > vaccum

vaccum meaning in Hindi

vaccum sentence in Hindi
1.The prosecutors have filled the policy vaccum, sometimes for the good.

2.They pay more house calls than vaccum cleaner salesmen.

3.Remove excess air by using a household or shop vaccum cleaner with hose attachment.

4."They are vaccum cleaners taking food to a lower level,"

5.The Ugandan troops withdrew from Ituri in early May, creating a power vaccum.

6.Drawing a vaccum actually cools the air though.

7.The complete vaccum seems weird . talk ) 21 : 51, 11 October 2011 ( UTC)

8.When talking about light, the speed of light in material media is of course much lesser than that in vaccum.

9.Also, all materials-even glass and steel, evaporate material off of their surfaces to pollute your ideal vaccum.

10.The air will simply go out through the nose, which is why subjects experiencing exposure to vaccum lose conciousness within seconds.

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