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English-Hindi > vaccum cleaner

vaccum cleaner meaning in Hindi

vaccum cleaner sentence in Hindi
निर्वात पम्प

निर्वात मार्जक
vaccum    निर्वात
cleaner    क्लीनर पंप मार्जक
1.Remove excess air by using a household or shop vaccum cleaner with hose attachment.

2."They are vaccum cleaners taking food to a lower level,"

3.They pay more house calls than vaccum cleaner salesmen.

4.I did something stupid the other day : I used a string of Christmas lights as an extension cord for a vaccum cleaner . ( Don't ask why.

5.If you are in a position to offer us high power battery operated vaccum cleaners for maintenance of aircrafts please revert us back at muflis1 @ gmail . com along with all the details and rates . i . e . ex-mumbai.

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