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vaccum sentence in Hindi

"vaccum" meaning in Hindi
  • The prosecutors have filled the policy vaccum, sometimes for the good.
  • They pay more house calls than vaccum cleaner salesmen.
  • Remove excess air by using a household or shop vaccum cleaner with hose attachment.
  • "They are vaccum cleaners taking food to a lower level,"
  • The Ugandan troops withdrew from Ituri in early May, creating a power vaccum.
  • Drawing a vaccum actually cools the air though.
  • The complete vaccum seems weird . talk ) 21 : 51, 11 October 2011 ( UTC)
  • When talking about light, the speed of light in material media is of course much lesser than that in vaccum.
  • Also, all materials-even glass and steel, evaporate material off of their surfaces to pollute your ideal vaccum.
  • The air will simply go out through the nose, which is why subjects experiencing exposure to vaccum lose conciousness within seconds.
  • Traditionally, the death was not announced until a successor had been chosen to prevent a power vaccum or instability in the kingdom.
  • A 12-ounce bag of whole beans and the 12-ounce auto-drip vaccum brick are $ 1.98 each.
  • Palmeiras'Francisco Arce and AS Roma's Celson Ayala will try to fill the leadership vaccum along with defender Carlos Alberto Gamarra.
  • Fowler's innovation is a vaccum that sucks bacteria into the hollow core of textile fibers, where they can breed and form colonies.
  • Most of the force in engine braking is due to pumping losses, with the cylinders trying to draw a vaccum against the closed throttle.
  • He also said that the international community had to urgently intensify efforts to establish administrative structures and a police force to fill the vaccum in Kosovo.
  • He said Uganda had warned that the withdrawal of Ugandan troops, in keeping with an agreement signed with Congo, would create a security vaccum.
  • Why do every moving body ( most of the time-round objects ) in air or vaccum rotate about its axis in a fixed speed?
  • And because the ball is moving so fast, the air traveling over and under it can't immediately fill the vaccum just behind the ball.
  • "They wanted to take advantage of a vaccum created by the withdrawal of MLC to move on the capital, " the Frenchman said.
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