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English-Hindi > vacillator

vacillator meaning in Hindi

vacillator sentence in Hindi
1.And it could determine whether he looks like a man of principle or a vacillator.

2.Bush characterized Kerry as a vacillator.

3.Kerry's record demonstrates he has been a vacillator during nearly 20 years in the Senate, they argue.

4."And then you have the vacillators who aren't sure, but who aren't dead set against it, so they give in to the child.

5.He is likely to portray his Democratic challenger as a vacillator who does not have the resolve to make tough decisions in a dangerous, post-Sept . 11 world.

6.The communists  who followed Comintern's Third Period policy  had a very negative attitude to the Left Group, whose members were branded " vacillators " ( ).

7.As he has twisted and turned on viciously complicated issues like Bosnia and health care, searching for consensus and finding none, he has been denounced as a trimmer and a vacillator.

8.As if all of those deeds weren't sufficient to shut up the doubters and the critics and the vacillators, the Mets on Tuesday night exposed Randy Johnson as a myth.

9.For three-plus weeks now, he has been the club's designated vacillator, sent to bullpens in Boston, Anaheim, and New York to await his fate du jour.

10.SKNL also argued intensely against the so-called vacillators, the Left Group of Finnish Workers, which split from the communist controlled fronts after getting fed up with the Comintern's Third Period policies.

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