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vacillator sentence in Hindi

"vacillator" meaning in Hindi  
  • And it could determine whether he looks like a man of principle or a vacillator.
  • Bush characterized Kerry as a vacillator.
  • Kerry's record demonstrates he has been a vacillator during nearly 20 years in the Senate, they argue.
  • "And then you have the vacillators who aren't sure, but who aren't dead set against it, so they give in to the child.
  • He is likely to portray his Democratic challenger as a vacillator who does not have the resolve to make tough decisions in a dangerous, post-Sept . 11 world.
  • The communists  who followed Comintern's Third Period policy  had a very negative attitude to the Left Group, whose members were branded " vacillators " ( ).
  • As he has twisted and turned on viciously complicated issues like Bosnia and health care, searching for consensus and finding none, he has been denounced as a trimmer and a vacillator.
  • As if all of those deeds weren't sufficient to shut up the doubters and the critics and the vacillators, the Mets on Tuesday night exposed Randy Johnson as a myth.
  • For three-plus weeks now, he has been the club's designated vacillator, sent to bullpens in Boston, Anaheim, and New York to await his fate du jour.
  • SKNL also argued intensely against the so-called vacillators, the Left Group of Finnish Workers, which split from the communist controlled fronts after getting fed up with the Comintern's Third Period policies.
  • Acting on his campaign's belief that Kerry was on the mat because of the attacks on the senator as a vacillator who shifts with the political winds, Bush repeated his criticism of the Democrat's " mixed messages ."
  • Bush and Kerry are pitching their campaign rhetoric to voters like Elliott, with the Republican incumbent calling his challenger a vacillator who can't be trusted to lead the nation at war while Kerry accuses Bush of misleading the people on Iraq and other issues.
  • On Wednesday, for example, the message of the windsurfing commercial-- that Kerry is a vacillator-- was reinforced on the campaign trail by Bush in Pennsylvania, Vice President Dick Cheney in Washington and former Mayor Rudolph W . Giuliani of New York City, who was speaking on behalf of the Bush campaign in Florida.

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