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English-Hindi > vacuo

vacuo meaning in Hindi

vacuo sentence in Hindi
1.The solvents and excess reagent were removed " in vacuo ".

2.The pure drug is then collected by vacuum filtration and dried in vacuo.

3.The ex vacuo cysts arising in adults belong to " leptomeningeal cysts ".

4.:Hydrocephalus is the name of the condition, specifically "'hydrocephalus ex vacuo " '.

5.It may be dehydrated " in vacuo ", by reaction with acetic anhydride, or by heat.

6.For true ( " in vacuo " ) relative density calculations air pressure must be considered ( see below ).

7.Vinyl pressings were made with stampers from master cuts that were electroplated " in vacuo " by means of gold sputtering.

8.For true ( " in vacuo " ) specific gravity calculations, air pressure must be considered ( see below ).

9.When allyl bromide reacted with HBr " in vacuo " ( in the absence of homolytic cleavage and creating the peroxide radical.

10.The problem was that these calculations assumed what today is called an " in vacuo " trajectory  they made no allowance for air resistance against the projectile.

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