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vacuo sentence in Hindi

"vacuo" meaning in Hindi
  • The solvents and excess reagent were removed " in vacuo ".
  • The pure drug is then collected by vacuum filtration and dried in vacuo.
  • The ex vacuo cysts arising in adults belong to " leptomeningeal cysts ".
  • :Hydrocephalus is the name of the condition, specifically "'hydrocephalus ex vacuo " '.
  • It may be dehydrated " in vacuo ", by reaction with acetic anhydride, or by heat.
  • For true ( " in vacuo " ) relative density calculations air pressure must be considered ( see below ).
  • Vinyl pressings were made with stampers from master cuts that were electroplated " in vacuo " by means of gold sputtering.
  • For true ( " in vacuo " ) specific gravity calculations, air pressure must be considered ( see below ).
  • When allyl bromide reacted with HBr " in vacuo " ( in the absence of homolytic cleavage and creating the peroxide radical.
  • The problem was that these calculations assumed what today is called an " in vacuo " trajectory  they made no allowance for air resistance against the projectile.
  • Among the questions he discussed are : " An Deus extra coelum, vel in vacuo intra coelum esse possit, aut ante mundi creationem alicubi fuerit ".
  • Robert Hooke had theorised that planets, moving in vacuo, describe orbits around the Sun because of a rectilinear inertial motion by the tangent and an accelerated motion towards the Sun.
  • It is available in anhydrous form, and if water has been absorbed it is easy to dry by heating at 100 �C for two hours " in vacuo ".
  • Shouldn't the scientific community redefine the metre so that the speed of light in vacuo is " exactly " 3 x 10 ^ 8 ms ^-1?
  • An enrichment lien, the court noted, could not exist " in vacuo "; it served merely to strengthen an underlying cause of action based on unjust enrichment.
  • It is stable in the air for several days when stored from light, and is stable up to several months if dried in vacuo over potassium hydroxide, decomposing into a white paste.
  • He also published a work on vacuums titled " Kurze Meldung vom Vacuo oder leerem Orte, neben anderen wunderbaren und subtilen Quaestionen, desgleichen Nic Cusani Dialogus von Waag und Gewicht ".
  • An economic one-pot reaction is heating the salt of propionic acid with ethanolamine at 200 �C in vacuo in the presence of zinc chloride yielding 82 % 2-ethyl-2-oxazoline.
  • Less drastic reaction conditions require the dehydration of the N-( 2-hydroxyethyl ) propionamide in vacuo in the presence of iron ( III ) chloride, which delivers the product in 90 % yield.
  • The plant yields 0.3 % of a dark green petroleum ether extract, which, on steam distillation in vacuo, yields 10 to 15 per cent of a fairly viscous, yellowish, volatile oil.
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