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English-Hindi > vacuously

vacuously meaning in Hindi

vacuously sentence in Hindi
1.Nineteen ninety-nine : The year of living vacuously?

2.Dissolute bluebottles hum vacuously in the fruity air.

3.Asymmetry is not the same thing as " not vacuously ) both symmetric and asymmetric.

4.It is vacuously true precisely because there are no values of that could serve as counterexamples.

5.Outside of mathematics, statements which can be characterized informally as vacuously true can be misleading.

6.The main antecedent is vacuously true.

7.The women titter vacuously at the beauty parlor and luncheon meetings of " the League ."

8.Axiom ( 3 ) becomes vacuously true under ( M3 ) and is therefore not needed in this context.

9.Therefore, Tur�n's result is vacuously true and cannot be used to help prove the Riemann hypothesis.

10.This requirement that the non-vacuously applicable rules must apply is the appearance checking aspect of such a grammar.

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in a vacuous manner

in a vacuous manner

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