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vadal meaning in Hindi

vadal sentence in Hindi
1.Then this vadal and his little bot went and deleted both saying they didnt have copyright info.

2.That began with the hiring of Vadal Peterson, who would become the winningest coach in Utah basketball history.

3.Hello sorry yes I am a bit new to Wiki but just wanted to keep the page Vadal free.

4.He and his twin brother Fred attended East High School and came to their father's university to play basketball for coach Vadal Peterson in the Fall of 1943.

5."' Vadal Alexander "'( born March 23, 1994 ) is an American football offensive guard for the Oakland Raiders of the National Football League ( NFL ).

6."' Vadal Peterson "'( May 2, 1892 & ndash; September 1, 1976 ) was an American basketball coach with the distinction of coaching the most wins in University of Utah history.

7.The others are Nat Holman ( who did it in the same year ), John Calipari, Vadal Peterson, Nolan Richardson, Bobby Knight, Adolph Rupp, Joe B . Hall, Al McGuire, Dean Smith, and Jim Calhoun.

8.On January 16 Les Miles held a press conference announcing that six underclassmen starters would return, including leading receiver Travin Dural and star defensive back Jalen Mills, as well as offensive linemen Vadal Alexander and Jerald Hawkins, tight end Dillon Gordon, and linebacker Lamar Louis.

9.There are 84 villages in this tehsil, including Gadhakda, Ramgadh, Vijpadi, Vanda, Juna Savar, Bhuva, Badhada, Vijyanagar, Likhala, Mota Zinzuda, Nana Zinzuda, Vadal, Khadsali, Nesadi, Kanatalav, Oliya, Charkhadiya, Gordka, Bhokarva, Bhenkara, Navagam, Luvara, Dhajdi, Amrutvel and Jikiyali.

10.Even if no beneficial " contribution " had ever come from one of these vadal's IP's, they are allowed to continue to vandalize or blank pages because the IP is considered " public . " This is disruptive and damages the content and reputation of the Wikipedia project, as well as taking a lot of time from editors and admins which might better be spent on bettering or developing articles.

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