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English-Hindi > vadose

vadose meaning in Hindi

vadose sentence in Hindi
1.Flowstones are formed via the degassing of vadose percolation waters.

2.During this vadose, or air filled state, abundant speleothem deposits formed.

3.Therefore, the resulting finite water-content vadose zone flow equation is:

4.But until now scientists believed that waste was securely trapped in the vadose zone.

5.Many cave passages are formed by a combination of phreatic followed by vadose action.

6.If the vadose zone envelops soil, the water contained therein is termed soil moisture.

7.Krubera Cave has an extremely steep profile and reveals a huge thickness of the vadose zone.

8.Hence, the vadose zone extends from the top of the ground surface to the water table.

9.The vadose zone is often the main factor controlling water movement from the land surface to the aquifer.

10.Surface and subsurface stores are linked though the vadose zone using a number of different optional numerical methods.

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