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English-Hindi > vade mecum

vade mecum meaning in Hindi

vade mecum sentence in Hindi
1.Io9 featured a short review of Vade Mecum, the CthulhuTech companion book.

2.He wrote about the multiple sand filtration method in his work " Soldier's Vade Mecum ".

3.Taken as a whole, we envisioned these catalogs as a huge encyclopedia, a vade mecum of Brazilian civilization,

4.These turned it into an early example of a " vade mecum " and a virtual encyclopaedia of London life.

5.Earee's " Album Weeds ", and Serrane's " Vade Mecum " are only two books in the vast literature about stamp forgeries.

6.Kane began the subsequent series, " World at Its Best, " in 1985, with a vade mecum, or handbook, for Germany ( revised edition, 1994 ).

7.For those categories it won Gold ENnie awards for " Best Cover Art " ( Core Rule Book ) and " Best Supplement " ( Vade Mecum ).

8.His many prose writings include a " Treatise on Instrumentation " ( still sometimes used today ), a book on harmony, and a " Vade Mecum " for organists.

9.In 1785, while supervising mines at Dolcoath in Cornwall, Raspe adapted the " Vade mecum " anecdotes into a short English-language book, this time identifying the narrator of the book as " Baron Munchausen ".

10.Despite some criticisms, the guides have become America's closest analogue to France's Michelin series, the successors to Duncan Hines'" Adventures in Good Eating, " which was the nation's culinary vade mecum in the 1940s and 50s.

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a concise reference book providing specific information about a subject or location
Synonyms: handbook, enchiridion,

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