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vagal tone sentence in Hindi

"vagal tone" meaning in Hindi
  • A decrease in vagal tone and increase in sympathetic tone is the cause.
  • Instead, other biological processes are measured that represent the functionality of vagal tone.
  • Thus, while vagal tone is not explicitly measured, the resultant changes in heart rate are.
  • Under resting conditions, vagal tone prevails and variations in heart period are largely dependent on vagal modulation.
  • Vagal tone cannot be directly measured.
  • The progressive dilation of the airway with increasing exercise is mediated by a progressive reduction in resting vagal tone.
  • A junctional escape complex is a normal response that may result from excessive vagal tone on the SA node.
  • In the resting state, there is a large degree of vagal tone on the heart, which is responsible for low resting heart rates.
  • This seems to be due to an increase in vagal tone, a measure of the control the vagus nerve has over the heartbeat.
  • An increase in vagal tone both slows the heart and makes heart rate more variable ( i . e . there is more beat-to-beat change between heart beats ).
  • On the other hand, decreased vagal tone is associated with illnesses and medical complications that compromise the CNS . These complications may reduce one's capacity to respond to stress appropriately.
  • Research indicates that children with more secure attachments with their mothers exhibited greater empathetic responsiveness, less social inhibition, and higher vagal tone, again highlighting the vagus nerve's regulatory effect on emotional and social function.
  • The most common causes of first-degree heart block are an AV nodal disease, enhanced vagal tone ( for example in athletes ), myocarditis, acute myocardial infarction ( especially acute inferior MI ), electrolyte disturbances and medication.
  • Since inhibitory effects of the VVC branch of the vagus allow for a wide range of adaptive, prosocial behaviors, it has been theorized that individuals with greater vagal tone are able to exhibit a greater range of such behaviors.
  • Typically, expression of RSA decreases with age; however, adults in excellent cardiovascular health, such as endurance runners, swimmers, and cyclists, are likely to have a more pronounced RSA . Professional athletes typically maintain very high vagal tone and RSA levels.
  • What doctors call vagal tone, the ability of the vagus nerve to automatically speed or slow the pulse on demand, has long been considered an indication of physical fitness; healthy adults drop their heart rates an average of 20 beats in the first minute after work stops, said Lauer, a cardiologist who is director of the clinic's exercise laboratory.

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