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vagaries sentence in Hindi

"vagaries" meaning in Hindi
  • Some frustrated investors vowed to abandon the market and its vagaries.
  • I think their performance manifests the vagaries of the entertainment business.
  • The vagaries of the wind is what made the hum intermittent.
  • The vagaries of history also appear to have simplified the task.
  • I mention all this to stress the vagaries of historical fortune.
  • Call them bad breaks, vagaries of the game, whatever.
  • She's experienced in the vagaries of the book business.
  • Vivien Straus attributes that to the vagaries of her small dairy.
  • Mandel kept in touch with the vagaries of the car market.
  • For several years, I managed the emotional vagaries of volunteering.
  • Groupings coalesced, brought together by the vagaries of the river.
  • "Vagaries aren't going to work " Forbes said.
  • The vagaries of weather, however do not permit regular cultivation.
  • She shows a deep knowledge of the vagaries of human nature.
  • The vagaries of nature are of course a part of sailboat racing.
  • The store did well enough to endure economic vagaries and neighborhood unrest.
  • But human experience cannot always control the vagaries of nature.
  • They argue against leaving those decisions to the vagaries of the market.
  • Such are the vagaries of first impressions and instant judgments.
  • O'Bannon probably epitomizes the vagaries of NBA achievement.
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