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English-Hindi > vagal

vagal meaning in Hindi

vagal sentence in Hindi
1.It causes tachycardia by blocking vagal effects on the sinoatrial node.

2.The fibers are carried by both the anterior and posterior vagal nerves.

3.Exhalation then decreases heart rate as it causes vagal activity to resume.

4.I would often faint due to the pain ( vaso vagal response ).

5.A decrease in vagal tone and increase in sympathetic tone is the cause.

6.Strong vagal stimulation may also produce AV block.

7.Instead, other biological processes are measured that represent the functionality of vagal tone.

8.Hofer interpreted the fear-inducing slowing of heart rate as a vagal phenomenon.

9.The abnormality lies in this excessive vagal response.

10.Vagal said, " But of late we have not found anything ."

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of or relating to the vagus nerve
Synonyms: pneumogastric,

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