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English-Hindi > varus

varus meaning in Hindi

varus sentence in Hindi
1.Varus married again to Octavia the Younger, sister of Augustus.

2.His marriage to Pulchra shows that Varus still enjoyed political favor.

3.Pulchra bore Varus a son, also called Publius Quinctilius Varus.

4.Pulchra bore Varus a son, also called Publius Quinctilius Varus.

5.Magna s brother was Roman Senator, Consul Gaius Plancius Varus.

6.When Cleopatra returned she had buried Varus'remains with reverence.

7.The MCL is partly covered by the varus force ).

8.Varus accepted the suggestion and went with the XVIII and XIX legions.

9.Serious valgus or varus deformity should be corrected by osteotomy.

10.It is unlikely that Varus attempted to exert influence on Judean Politics.

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a deformity in which part of a limb is turned inward to an abnormal degree

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