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vend sentence in Hindi

"vend" meaning in Hindi
  • "We don't actively vend his music,"
  • VEND IT LIKE BECKHAM : Get ready for Posh denim.
  • The station is currently owned by Ida-Vend Company.
  • Instead, it vends funds through banks, brokers, and financial advisers.
  • The word is " vend ."
  • Elle vend rapidement les papiers ?M . Bos en �change d un ch�que.
  • "But I've yet to see one that vends eggs ."
  • In each case, to vend is to part with the thing for a consideration.
  • Such microenterprises are able to vend water at extremely low prices, with increasing government regulation.
  • He is a director of TradeMe, Xero ( software ) and Vend ( software ).
  • Mwangi dropped in and out of school during this period and helped his mother vend books.
  • Ne fillim mire po ecte cdo gje por pastaj filloi karin te perdorte ne vend te mikrofonit.
  • In 1939 wrote a Prekmurje Slovene textbook called " Vend-szlovenszka kniga cstenya ."
  • :: : Any country that vends schoolgirl saliva is one you can suspend your disbelief about.
  • It had no DP . Based on a handsome promotional contract, Waco schools vend Coke products exclusively.
  • There were circular machines, too, so that more than one person could vend at a time.
  • The last known record of the Vends'existence as a distinct entity dates from the sixteenth century.
  • Art-o-mat machines are retired cigarette vending machines that have been converted to vend art.
  • Alan Kronenberg, founder of Compu Vend Systems in Bridge City, La ., said of the system.
  • He was always very political and felt very strongly about being available to help anyone who wanted to vend.
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