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English-Hindi > vend

vend meaning in Hindi

vend sentence in Hindi
• विक्रय करना
• बेचना
• बिकवाना
• बेच देना
• बेच डालना
1."We don't actively vend his music,"

2.VEND IT LIKE BECKHAM : Get ready for Posh denim.

3.The station is currently owned by Ida-Vend Company.

4.Instead, it vends funds through banks, brokers, and financial advisers.

5.The word is " vend ."

6.Elle vend rapidement les papiers ?M . Bos en �change d un ch�que.

7."But I've yet to see one that vends eggs ."

8.In each case, to vend is to part with the thing for a consideration.

9.Such microenterprises are able to vend water at extremely low prices, with increasing government regulation.

10.He is a director of TradeMe, Xero ( software ) and Vend ( software ).

sell or offer for sale from place to place
Synonyms: peddle, monger, huckster, hawk, pitch,

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