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English-Hindi > verdure

verdure meaning in Hindi

verdure sentence in Hindi
1.The Th��tre de Verdure was inaugurated on 8 July 1956.

2.The course of the river is serpentine, and its banks covered with verdure.

3.PAELLA AMB VERDURES ( Paella With Vegetables)

4.Des gradins de verdure rappelant les d�clinaisons des 100 marches encerclent une piste de danse.

5.Walkways are bordered with tropical verdure.

6.Walls built of black lava serve as backdrop to dairy cows grazing in the verdure fields.

7.This second crossing between the two nations isn't designed to plunge motorists into tropical verdure.

8.Regardless of their winter verdure, water should be withheld during October and November to give clivias a rest.

9.Pliny the Elder ( Julian's army to the shores of the Persian Gulf was one continuous forest of verdure.

10.Feeling at home in the verdure, Jane decides to stay on as the new'Jann of the Jungle '.

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the lush appearance of flourishing vegetation
Synonyms: greenness, verdancy,

green foliage
Synonyms: greenery,

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