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vibist meaning in Hindi

vibist sentence in Hindi
1.In 1973 he joined Latin fusion band Paz, led by vibist and composer Dick Crouch.

2.Sisto is the daughter of Dick Sisto, a jazz vibist and Reedy Gibbs, an actress.

3.He joined the Berklee faculty with the help of Gary Burton, the jazz vibist who helps run the college.

4.The contribution of vibist Burton _ a jazz luminary and dean of Berklee College of Music _ is the most striking addition.

5.In addition to performing with Frank Sinatra there, Alexander also met and became friends with bassist Ray Brown and vibist Milt Jackson.

6.The band already included vibist Milt Jackson, bassist Percy Heath, drummer Kansas Fields . . . and a saxophonist named John Coltrane.

7.This year, the lineup included Interstring and the Trilogy Big Band as well as trumpeter Arturo Sandoval, pianist Cyrus Chestnut and vibist Milt Jackson.

8.In hand-to-hand dampening, the vibist plays a note with one mallet, while simultaneously pressing another mallet onto a previously ringing bar.

9.The mallet dampening techniques " are to the vibist as garlic and fresh basil are to the Northern Italian chef " and contribute significantly to expressive four-mallet playing.

10.In 2005, Smith reunited with Joe Locke, recording the album " Dear Life " ( Sirocco ) and touring extensively with the vibist's group.

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a musician who plays the vibraphone
Synonyms: vibraphonist,

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