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English-Hindi > vibraphonist

vibraphonist meaning in Hindi

vibraphonist sentence in Hindi
1.Vibraphonist Harris is one of the rising stars of jazz.

2.Vibraphonist Joe Locke's idiosyncratic four-mallet grip.

3.Jazz vibraphonist Gary Burton was an " innovator " in the 1960s.

4.After World War II, he became a professional vibraphonist.

5.Vibraphonist Cal Tjader recorded a latin jazz version in 1964.

6.At present it is owned by French vibraphonist Dany Doriz.

7."It just shocks me, " the jazz vibraphonist said.

8.The late vibraphonist Lionel Hampton was one, too.

9.Organist Kjell Ohman and vibraphonist Lars Erstrand were exceptional.

10.There are many benefits of being proficient in this technique as a vibraphonist.

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a musician who plays the vibraphone
Synonyms: vibist,

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