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victimizations sentence in Hindi

"victimizations" meaning in Hindivictimizations in a sentence
  • There were all these images of vulnerability and innocence and victimization.
  • The only thing that is filling the void now is victimization.
  • But the only two extended descriptions of their victimization were deleted.
  • You have less crime and less victimization when they are enforced.
  • Instead, they close the loop on another cycle of victimization.
  • Victimization of men was not considered as part of this study.
  • He is director of the Institute on Victimization and Social Injustice.
  • Research has demonstrated a number of serious consequences of cyberbullying victimization.
  • Still others wonder if something more might explain the cult of victimization.
  • Some people dub it " the cult of victimization ."
  • Drive-by shootings are down, and juvenile victimization is down,
  • Also, the fear of retaliation and further victimization is very real.
  • This has to the best kind of victimization of all, too.
  • Out of their sense of victimization, some abandoned spouses lash out.
  • And now, victimization has come to the extremist right.
  • But there is no doubt about the city's long victimization.
  • Victimization and dumb suffering accumulate and eventually crush Berg's protagonist.
  • They refuse to acknowledge their own role in their victimization.
  • We have a notion of victimization that is largely self-protective.
  • I don't like the victimization of women by Mexican society.
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