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victims of crime sentence in Hindi

"victims of crime" meaning in Hindivictims of crime in a sentence
  • He also noted that taxi drivers themselves are frequent victims of crime:
  • The act will " help in rescuing the youngest victims of crime,"
  • Long-time residents and the new immigrant communities were both victims of crime.
  • It is a sad day for victims of crime and law-abiding Americans,
  • The cardinal said the bishops remained concerned about the victims of crime.
  • No one disagrees that victims of crime deserve sympathy and respectful treatment.
  • The report measures the number of people who were victims of crimes.
  • Clinton told a gathering of congressional members and women victims of crime.
  • "This board pays great credence to victims of crime, " he said.
  • And victims of crime are " sometimes the most powerless people ."
  • "That's why I look at clothing from the victims of crime ."
  • Keven Ackerman should be treated as a victim of crime by your office,
  • The state is not imposing any such sanction on the victims of crime.
  • The anti-terrorism emergency fund clause of the Victims of Crime Act was amended.
  • SANTORUM ( R-PA ) H . R . 5134-- Victims of Crime Protection,
  • A July 1985 law tripled the amount of aid for victims of crimes.
  • Frankly, victims of crimes by juveniles are required to be very brave people.
  • People are fired, get divorced, become victims of crime and nature.
  • The charity offers support to around 1 million victims of crime per year.
  • Gays make a lot of money and they're victims of crime.
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