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English-Hindi > victims of crime

victims of crime meaning in Hindi

victims of crime sentence in Hindi

अपराध के शिकार
अपराध से आहत
of    स् का की पर बाबत
crime    अपराध दोष पातक पाप
1.He also noted that taxi drivers themselves are frequent victims of crime:

2.The act will " help in rescuing the youngest victims of crime,"

3.Long-time residents and the new immigrant communities were both victims of crime.

4.It is a sad day for victims of crime and law-abiding Americans,

5.The cardinal said the bishops remained concerned about the victims of crime.

6.No one disagrees that victims of crime deserve sympathy and respectful treatment.

7.The report measures the number of people who were victims of crimes.

8.Clinton told a gathering of congressional members and women victims of crime.

9."This board pays great credence to victims of crime, " he said.

10.And victims of crime are " sometimes the most powerless people ."

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