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English-Hindi > victimizer

victimizer meaning in Hindi

victimizer sentence in Hindi
1.Lawyer-driven deals between victimizer and victim can be struck.

2.More evidence suggests children with AS are victims rather than victimizers.

3.He's trying to make the victim the victimizer.

4.Racism is uncomfortable, he explains, for both victim and victimizer.

5.The victimizer is now claiming the mantle of the victim,

6.Wives seeking orders of protection sit in waiting rooms alongside their victimizers.

7.Not that blacks were merely victims or whites merely victimizers.

8.And what of the poor souls made to appear as her victimizers?

9.Hillary used to be known as a victimizer, too.

10.Our attention was far more directed to our victims than the victimizers.

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a person who victimizes others; "I thought we were partners, not victim and victimizer"
Synonyms: victimiser,

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