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English-Hindi > visaged

visaged meaning in Hindi

visaged sentence in Hindi
1.Hingis may have the tougher prospect : coping with the dual-visaged head-breaker named Williams.

2.Olmos's patriarch is stern-visaged, but a pussycat _ as long as the music keeps playing.

3.As he is paddling back across the lake in the party's raft he gets taken from below by an un-visaged thing.

4.His friend John Aubrey describes him as  like a monk,  and as  pretty long visaged, and pale clear skin, gray eie . 

5.King Leonardo's permanent foe is the gangster-visaged Biggie Rat ( voiced by Beck ), who routinely attempts to overthrow Leonardo and take over Bongo Congo.

6.Although falling prey to a few overtly actorish moments, Harris is very good as well, discovering the uncertain man who lives beneath the proud, eagle-visaged patriarch.

7.Fans of the book also will be delighted with Ving Rhames, who plays the massive, grim-visaged, ultra-professional Shad, the Eager Beaver's bouncer.

8.She often played " thin-lipped, stern-visaged dowagers and forbidding mothers-in-law " and " welfare workers, landladies, schoolmistresses and maiden aunts ".

9.Lemmy Caution is still around and still played by the leather-visaged Constantine _ for the last 30 years or so Lemmy's been living undercover in an East German village.

10.He writes that the fierce-visaged general and his 60, 000 soldiers overwhelmingly confined their energies to the destruction of property, with very few killings or rapes during the march.

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