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English-Hindi > vocoder

vocoder meaning in Hindi

pronunciation: [ 'vəuˌkəudə ]  sound:  
vocoder sentence in Hindi

• वाक् -संकेतित्र
• वाक्-संकेतित्र
• वोकोडर
1.Vocoder technology was also a major development in this early era.

2.Anderson's vocoder-induced male deliciously skewers the guyville swagger.

3.A vocoder is a different effect used for similar purposes.

4.In American music, the vocoder is far from prevalent.

5.Speech waveforms are generated from these parameters using a vocoder.

6.Thus an effective 1300 bit / s is used for the vocoder.

7.The song concludes with drum and bass loops and vocoder backing vocals.

8.On one song the vocals were processed through a vocoder to sound mechanical.

9.Examples of compound modules include the envelope follower, sequencer, and vocoder.

10.The algorithm used is a linear predictive coding vocoder.

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