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English-Hindi > wackily

wackily meaning in Hindi

wackily sentence in Hindi
1.Amiably odd is one thing; wackily weird belongs somewhere else.

2.Of course, some Internet stocks are priced more wackily than others.

3.It also is looser and more wackily ambitious.

4.The machinery somewhat shakily in place, Allen sets the plot in motion and keeps it spinning wackily.

5.Isabel was, for all her tough-minded independence, somewhat wackily superstitious, and not just when it came to Gypsy queens.

6.If you're in the mood for something offbeat and wackily deadpan, this may be just your kind of amiably birdbrained entertainment.

7.Ranging from wackily understated to amateurishly over-the-top, the large, eager-to-please ensemble cast has a number of inspired moments.

8.FORTE . Wackily shaped mirrors and yards of velvet give Keith Famie's new brasserie a distinctive personality, as does the noisy, well-heeled crowd.

9.Though the audience is persuaded to care about the characters in " Fargo, " they also laugh at the wackily violent mishaps that befall those characters.

10.His family is straight out of Punch and Judy-- Dad ( Luciano Federico ), in particular, wackily smacks anyone in sight at the slightest provocation.

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