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English-Hindi > wacko

wacko meaning in Hindi

wacko sentence in Hindi
• सनकी व्यक्ति
1.Every wacko and his brother came in out of the woodwork.

2.Don't listen to the NRA wackos .-XXX-

3.It has evolved into a haven for conspiracy theorists and wackos.

4.One prisoner, given a chancy triple dose, goes wacko.

5.Even " Piano Man " was a wacko song.

6.Some fitness wacko challenged me to train for two hours.

7.Dozens responded, most calling the person who suggested that a wacko.

8."They think we're wacko,"

9."People can't get wacko about this,"

10.It was kind of a wacko night from the first pitch on.

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