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wackos sentence in Hindi

"wackos" meaning in Hindiwackos in a sentence
  • Every wacko and his brother came in out of the woodwork.
  • Don't listen to the NRA wackos .-XXX-
  • It has evolved into a haven for conspiracy theorists and wackos.
  • One prisoner, given a chancy triple dose, goes wacko.
  • Even " Piano Man " was a wacko song.
  • Some fitness wacko challenged me to train for two hours.
  • Dozens responded, most calling the person who suggested that a wacko.
  • "They think we're wacko,"
  • "People can't get wacko about this,"
  • It was kind of a wacko night from the first pitch on.
  • Sassy Chief of Police Arly Hanks has seen her share of wackos.
  • "Wacko " maybe, but in a fond way.
  • Would anyone not instantly see that this guy is a complete wacko?
  • In California, the guy looks like a right-wing wacko.
  • CLARENCE : Sam never hired any of those wacko neocons.
  • Philip K . Dick was " wacko,"
  • Arthur has defended the Chiropractic article for years from wackos and kooks.
  • There are plenty of fringe theories and wacko ideas covered in Wikipedia.
  • I not looking for a wacko nut job's outrageous claim.
  • Prosecutors run the courts and sentences are completely wacko.
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