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wadded sentence in Hindi

"wadded" meaning in Hindiwadded in a sentence
  • He wadded up the paper and dropped it in the wastebasket.
  • What does she think about when she is all wadded up?
  • Jennings all but wadded up the results and threw them away.
  • They made a ball from wadded paper wrapped in duct tape.
  • Miller told Tysoe, as he wadded up the paper.
  • They're wadded up like a backlash in a fishing line.
  • It is a reusable alternative to wadded rags or newspapers.
  • Sissy stomps on the wadded-up paper to end the threat.
  • Boogered / wadded up : Hey, it happens to even the best.
  • Raymond Ng said workers found wadded-up newspaper as insulation behind walls.
  • Is there another wadded up business plan in the dot-com dustbin?
  • During the winter people wore cotton-wadded dresses.
  • His face was buried between an algebra book and his wadded up gym shorts.
  • Stuffing some wadded cotton in the ears, Anthony says, is basically pointless.
  • Or they used wadded-up old socks.
  • And Wednesday, the rookie wadded up one of Kenny Bernstein's stock cars.
  • (BBOX ) Fill empty flour sacks with wadded-up paper towels for pillows.
  • And at the moment, mine is wadded up in a file cabinet at work.
  • And they taste like wadded cardboard.
  • John Cole clutched the shoulder of his wife, Sandy, who clutched a wadded tissue.
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