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wades sentence in Hindi

"wades" meaning in Hindiwades in a sentence
  • Below his head is a large, extremely shallow wading pool.
  • Near daybreak, Wade said, Winslow went inside the cabin.
  • And what Wade really wanted from Gail was her rafting expertise.
  • Wade Phillips got run off as the Denver Broncos'coach.
  • Ms . Wade said she was struggling to understand the killing.
  • I know Wade Boggs, and he is no Jack Nicholson.
  • Heath waded through the debris to the stairwell and walked down.
  • We wade through a week that is much like the last.
  • Rice, Wade Boggs and Frank Malzone each went eight times.
  • Wade Boggs is still playing, with the New York Yankees.
  • Wade's affinity for the District of Columbia is understandable.
  • Wade also discussed the folk music book he's writing.
  • Yet Wade doesn't worship the past as an icon.
  • Fantasy outlook : Top QBs : Troy Aikman, Wade Wilson.
  • Wade Boggs and Bernie Wiliams followed with run-scoring singles.
  • Sometimes a little wading is necessary in the usually clear creek.
  • One hiker considers wading into a large pool and swimming out.
  • Wade Boggs took a base even though his hamstrings are twanging.
  • One week ago Wade Boggs thought his season might be over.
  • Jeff Nelson struck out Randy Velarde but then walked Wade Boggs.
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