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English-Hindi > watchband

watchband meaning in Hindi

watchband sentence in Hindi
1.The Chocolate Watchband was signed to No Way Out ".

2.Eventually, these feelings led to the breakup of the Watchband.

3.And I still have the watchband from the commercial . ..

4.Many young aides acquired their own collection of such watchbands.

5.Code has introduced a watch with interchangeable watchbands and faces.

6.-- Consider denim accessories such as watchbands, totes and shoes.

7.However Speidel came back strong in watchbands as soon as peace returned.

8.The new watchband incorporated heavier metals and contemporary European styling.

9.Some watchbands can't be practically adjusted at all.

10.Both of the watchbands broke at around the same time.

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a band of cloth or leather or metal links attached to a wristwatch and wrapped around the wrist
Synonyms: watchstrap, wristband, watch bracelet, bracelet,

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