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English-Hindi > wristband

wristband meaning in Hindi

wristband sentence in Hindi
1.The players needed to wear their Rolexes instead of cotton wristbands.

2.The Bug Off Wristband is like a flea collar for humans.

3.Bledsoe also will wear a wristband that lists the lengthier plays.

4.Wristbands can be removed only by Staples Center employee on Sunday.

5.At Ole Miss, he occasionally wore a headband and wristbands.

6.The accessory of the moment is a simple yellow rubber wristband.

7.For Steve Strompf, the wristband is a symbol of support.

8.Before each game, he pulled a wristband up each arm.

9.Velcro wristbands strap keys firmly to guests'bodies for safekeeping.

10.Parents could someday get wristbands for their children, Sadler suggested.

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a band of cloth or leather or metal links attached to a wristwatch and wrapped around the wrist
Synonyms: watchband, watchstrap, watch bracelet, bracelet,

band consisting of a part of a sleeve that covers the wrist

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