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English-Hindi > winged elm

winged elm meaning in Hindi

winged elm sentence in Hindi
पंखदार चिराबेल
winged    उदात्त सपक्ष
elm    एक प्रकार का जंगली
1.The subtlety of the rolling hills, the twisting branches of the escarpment oaks, the corky growths on winged elms and native-plant blooms speak for themselves.

2.The typical vegetation in the Southeast is forests, with much of the sandy coastal regions dominated by old growth forests of loblolly pine, longleaf pine, shortleaf pine and slash pine, and inland areas have deciduous forests usually consisting of various pine species along with oak, hickory, sweetgum, blackgum, red maple and winged elm.

3.In northwestern Arkansas, eastern towhees occurred in old-field vegetation where dwarf sumac ( " Rhus copallina " ) occurred at a frequency of 28.6 %, winged elm ( " Ulmus alata " ) at a frequency of 21 %, and black cherry ( " Prunus serotina " ) at a frequency of 19.2 %.

North American elm having twigs and young branches with prominent corky projections
Synonyms: wing elm, Ulmus alata,

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