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English-Hindi > winged

winged meaning in Hindi

winged sentence in Hindi
1.The Fairy Tales Skydancers include a winged Cinderella and a Rapunzel.

2.The two once winged it together in the World Junior championships.

3.The caddis larva is even more homely than the winged adult.

4.The gull winged away, appearing no worse for its injuries.

5.To win at Winged Foot really, really means a lot.

6."I've winged it within the structure sometimes.

7.Happily for the Victorian painters, not all fairies are winged.

8.Tom did not lose his temper, he just winged it,

9.The Bible is downright ambiguous about these heavenly, winged creatures.

10.Time's winged chariot hurrying near . . ."

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having wings or as if having wings of a specified kind; "the winged feet of Mercury";

very fast; as if with wings; "on winged feet"

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