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English-Hindi > witchlike

witchlike meaning in Hindi

witchlike sentence in Hindi
1.The Puritans felt there was something " witchlike " about Quakers.

2.Lord Grantleigh and I had sometimes noted the veritable witchlike quality of the consensual laughter of women.

3.And Sibbett's witchlike turn as Alyssa's would-be stepmother gives the audience someone to comfortably hiss at.

4."Practical Magic " concerns the magic practiced by a collection of women, who use their witchlike gifts to manipulate men.

5.Also in the film is Eleanor Bron who appeared in " Black Beauty " and who plays Miss Minchin, the witchlike headmistress.

6.Sylvia Nevjinsky, the witchlike outsider in " Arabesque, " gives a solo of clenched-fist tension a superb dramatic quality.

7.The Witch sees that the toys have figured out her scheme, so she summons all evil to help her with her plan ( " Witchlike " ).

8.In the " Dungeons & Dragons " fantasy role-playing game, "'hags "'are witchlike beings that use magic to spread havoc and destruction.

9.Bloomingdale's has the ultimate pair : Karl Lagerfeld's silver pumps with witchlike pointy toes, a skinny metal bar forming the heel and transparent vinyl sides ( $ 275 ).

10.The next season at the Yale Repertory Theater, Streep made her breakthrough cavorting as a witchlike Constance Garnett in " The Idiots Karamazov, " a zany musical travesty by Durang and Albert Innaurato.

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