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English-Hindi > witenagemot

witenagemot meaning in Hindi

witenagemot sentence in Hindi
1.Witenagemot was an early equivalent to the Privy Council of England.

2.Harold was accepted as monarch in a Witenagemot held at Oxford.

3.The witenagemot was more an advisory council.

4.The native Cheddar was used several times in the 10th century to host the Witenagemot.

5.One of these days I'll find a use for a witenagemot of wiseguys .)

6.In the year 957 the Witenagemot, or King's Council, met at Edington.

7.Harold was elected king by the Witenagemot of England and crowned by Norman followers and mercenaries.

8.However, the English nobility took a different view, and the Witenagemot recalled Aethelred from Normandy.

9.Harold was elected king by the Witenagemot of England and crowned by uncanonically elected Archbishop of Canterbury.

10.Now he appears to seek a witenagemot with Newt and other victors on his return from the land of loud shirts.

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