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English-Hindi > withy

withy meaning in Hindi

noun plural: withies   
withy sentence in Hindi
• लचीली टहनी
1.Here John and Withy Petre went ahead of the party.

2.Tole and Garrett were liberal politicians, whilst Withy was a conservative.

3.Born in England in 1870, Withy arrived in New Zealand in 1884.

4.These include Furness Withy, PSNC, Prince Line & the Alexander Shipping Company.

5.At some point Commander Henry Withy assumed command.

6.Withy-Allen finished with 239 yards.

7.He fought the creature and had off one head, drawing a withy through it.

8.Furness Withy bought Manchester Liners in 1970.

9.There are displays of maps, knotwork and boards showing the various uses of withy.

10.Both companies were owned by Furness Withy.

strong flexible twig
Synonyms: withe,

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