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English-Hindi > witloof

witloof meaning in Hindi

witloof sentence in Hindi
• कासनी
1.:Yes it's variable, but the witloof form is produced by forcing the chicons.

2.The area around Mechelen is famous for the cultivation of vegetables, among which are Belgian endive ( " witloof " ), asparagus, and cauliflower.

3.Nowadays it features a busy schedule of concerts, most taking place in either the 700-capacity Orangerie, the tall, circular Rotonde with space for 250 or the vaulted Witloof Bar with 200 standing places.

4.Then there is Belgian endive, or Witloof chicory, the tightly folded white beauties that a home gardener can grow by " forcing " endive roots in containers placed in darkness in a cellar or closet.

5.Typical foods and drinks, such as Belgian beer, moules frites, speculaas, waterzooi, witloof, Brussels sprouts, Belgian chocolate, . . . are also seen as examples of belgitude, because they are often promoted abroad.

6.For example, among the Cichorium intybus varieties are several used in salads : red heading chicories, including the one known as radicchio; cutting chicories, whose young, tender green leaves are picked for salads, and Witloof, which is also grown for its roots.

7.Other varieties include'Tardivo', and the white-colored'radicchio di Castelfranco', both of which resemble flowers and are only available in the winter months, as well as'Gorizia'( also known as " Rosa di Gorizia " ),'Trieste'( Cicoria zuccherina or Biondissima ) and'Witloof / Bruxelles'( also known as Belgian endive, and " chicon / endive " in French ) .'Radicchio'farmers of the Veneto have sought to have Protected Geographical Status applied to the names of some radicchio varieties including'Tardivo '.

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