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wrongfulness sentence in Hindi

"wrongfulness" meaning in Hindi
  • Wrongfulness is a function of public and legal policy considerations.
  • Its wrongfulness depended on the existence of a legal duty.
  • In his article, Campbell discusses the wrongfulness in her word choice.
  • The wrongfulness of that relationship is not in dispute.
  • "She could not appreciate the wrongfulness of this, " said Carpenter.
  • There was an exception to wrongfulness though.
  • The court held further that the principles applicable to the element of wrongfulness were trite.
  • That all policies and guidelines were partly complied with generally does not mitigate or excuse wrongfulness otherwise occurring.
  • If the wrongfulness was the lack of grounds then is it pretty certain to also be an unfair dismissal.
  • A court-appointed psychiatrist testified that Roque probably did hear voices but could understand the wrongfulness of his actions.
  • While " falsity " may be defined as not being true it also conveys a sense of tortiuousness and wrongfulness.
  • To win her case under Texas law, her lawyers must prove she did not understand the wrongfulness of her behavior.
  • "I have opinions on the defendant's knowledge of wrongfulness at the time of the offense ."
  • Posthumus then comes forward to confirm Iachimo's story, revealing his identity and acknowledging his wrongfulness in desiring Imogen killed.
  • The case is especially significant for the law of delict, and the question of wrongfulness in cases of pure economic loss.
  • "If you do something that hurts somebody else with knowledge of the wrongfulness of it, you're responsible for it.
  • He was, the lawyers said, mentally retarded and so intellectually limited that he could not appreciate the wrongfulness of his own conduct.
  • Defense attorneys now must prove he had a mental defect that made him unable to appreciate the wrongfulness of his actions at the time.
  • It recalled that Nickerson had concluded that Volpe showed a lack of remorse and a failure to accept fully the wrongfulness of his crimes.
  • Examples include diminished capacity to understand the wrongfulness of the action, or a mistake of fact that affected the intention of the litigant.
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