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English-Hindi > wrongfulness

wrongfulness meaning in Hindi

wrongfulness sentence in Hindi
• गलती
1.Wrongfulness is a function of public and legal policy considerations.

2.Its wrongfulness depended on the existence of a legal duty.

3.In his article, Campbell discusses the wrongfulness in her word choice.

4.The wrongfulness of that relationship is not in dispute.

5."She could not appreciate the wrongfulness of this, " said Carpenter.

6.There was an exception to wrongfulness though.

7.The court held further that the principles applicable to the element of wrongfulness were trite.

8.That all policies and guidelines were partly complied with generally does not mitigate or excuse wrongfulness otherwise occurring.

9.If the wrongfulness was the lack of grounds then is it pretty certain to also be an unfair dismissal.

10.A court-appointed psychiatrist testified that Roque probably did hear voices but could understand the wrongfulness of his actions.

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